Indigenous Zenú social leader and political scientist


The roots of Colombia’s armed conflict runs deep. According to Darío Mejía, a social leader of the Zenú people, the fight for peace and equality dates back to the arrival of Spanish colonizers on the continent. This episode explores why the 2016 peace accord’s commitments on land reform are critically important for Indigenous social leaders, and how the current fight is the culmination of 500 years of oppression.

...That is what I believe we need to do to reach a moment of coexistence and tranquility among Colombians. We need to find harmony between those visions of peace.


Minga, or minca, are recent indigenous protests for peace that have encouraged not just Indigenous solidarity and activism, but also engagement of Colombians across ethnic and racial backgrounds.


Written and created by the Washington Office on Latin America.

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Hosts for the podcast were Darryl Chappell for the English episodes and Divalizeth Murillo for the Spanish episodes.

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English voiceover for Darío was Alejandro Comacho.


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