Cuero Bravo

Social leader and advocate for internally displaced Afro-Colombians in Cali


Five decades of conflict displaced millions of Colombians from their homes, disproportionately impacting Afro-descendant and Indigenous Colombians. Many arrived in the city of Cali, including Erlendy Cuero Bravo. This episode explores the work Erlendy has done to bring attention to government neglect of displaced communities in Cali, especially in neighborhoods like Llano Verde where Afro-Colombians are concentrated, and where the murder of five boys in August 2020 sparked outrage.

There are people working silently to build peace. You will find them stitching it together in the community.



The murder of five teenage boys in Llano Verde exposed the violence that continues to plague vulnerable populations despite the responsibility of the Colombian government to uphold the 2016 peace accords. It also opened a dialogue about racism in Colombia, highlighting the disproportionate impact of violence on Afro-Colombian and Indigenous communities.


Written and created by the Washington Office on Latin America.

Produced by Lantigua Williams & Co.

Edited by Virginia Lora, with help from Jen Chien.

Mixed by Michael Aquino and Kojin Tashiro.

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Hosts for the podcast were Darryl Chappell for the English episodes and Divalizeth Murillo for the Spanish episodes.

Expert insight provided by Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli, WOLA’s Director for the Andes.

English voiceover for Erlendy was Oni Ojukwu Mantenso.


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AFRODES Cali: AFRODES Cali is an organization that defends and supports the displaced Afro-Colombians in vulnerable neighborhoods like Llano Verde.

AFRODES Colombia: National organization in Colombia that advocates for the human rights of Afro-Colombians.


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