Afro-Colombian human rights leader in Buenaventura.


Buenaventura, a Pacific port city in Colombia, is coveted by economic and criminal interests. The people of Buenaventura have been caught in the middle of brutal battles to control their homes and the land they live on. Danelly Estupiñán, an Afro-Colombian social leader, is part of the effort to give power back to the people and pave a new path for peace.

Without arms or money, we are contributing to the preservation of Colombia
as a pluriethnic and multicultural country.


In May 2017, the Buenaventura Civil Strike Committee—composed of prominent social leaders in the city, including Danelly—convened hundreds of thousands of Buenaventurans to a peaceful strike that lasted 22 days. Danelly believes the strike inspired new leaders who continue work for equitable development, justice, and peace.


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More Ports, Less Community: Danelly’s research into the impact of development projects in Buenaventura. (Spanish)


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