Palacios Asprilla

Social leader and survivor
of the 2002 Bojayá massacre

Episode Transcript

The peace in Colombia is in a tenuous place. Leyner Palacios, an Afro-Colombian social leader from Bojayá, believes the atmosphere is worse than it was leading up to the 2002 massacre in his home town. This episode explores the problems undermining peace in Colombia after the historic 2016 peace accords, and how the work of social leaders is crucial in keeping peace alive.

I feel proud because I’m leaving a message [to the youth] about not going to war. That war is not the path.
That life, that dialogue is the right option.


The Bojayá massacre in 2002 was indicative of horrific civilian casualties in the fight between right-wing paramilitaries and guerrilla fighters like the FARC. Leyner, as one of the survivors, was a key leader in truth and reconciliation work in the aftermath of the massacre.


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Leyner on Twitter

Verdad Pacífico: Truth Commission for the Pacific Region of Colombia

Comisión de la Verdad: Colombia’s Commission for the Clarification of the Truth, Coexistence, and Non-Repetition


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