Grassroots organizers, religious groups, and independent activists have the power to raise awareness on a massive scale.

The CON LÍDERES HAY PAZ campaign has consulted with social leaders in Colombia to identify what the international community can do to support their courageous work.

Join their fight by learning about their work, communicating their needs to policymakers, and raising their voices.





  • Contact your policymakers and ask them to support social leaders in Colombia.


  • Listen to the podcast series REBUILDING PEACE.




Leyner’s Story: Listen to Leyner’s episode and learn more about his story.

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Verdad Pacífico: Truth Commission for the Pacific Region of Colombia

Comisión de la Verdad: Colombia’s Commission for the Clarification of the Truth, Coexistence, and Non-Repetition


Danelly’s Story: Listen to Danelly’s episode and learn more about her story.

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#SOSBuenaventura: Follow this hashtag for updates on the latest actions to protect peace in Buenaventura.

More Ports, Less Community: Danelly’s research into the impact of development projects in Buenaventura. (Spanish)


Erlendy’s Story: Listen to Erlendy’s episode and learn more about her story.

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AFRODES Cali: AFRODES Cali is an organization that defends and supports the displaced Afro-Colombians in vulnerable neighborhoods like Llano Verde.

AFRODES Colombia: National organization in Colombia that advocates for the human rights of Afro-Colombians.


Darío’s Story: Listen to Darío’s episode and learn more about his story.

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ONIC Colombia: Follow the National Indigenous Organization in Colombia for actions supporting the rights of Indigenous peoples in Colombia.

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Support the role of Indigenous voices globally.



APRIL 19-23 2021

In April 2021, the campaign ran a Week of Action campaign, where we encouraged grassroots activists, academics, civil society organization, press, and policymakers alike to support the work of social leaders. Consider running your own week of action based on the following activities, and follow the campaign for more opportunities to engage.

Make the invisible, visible

The Problem: Afro-descendant and Indigenous communities in Colombia are disproportionately neglected and vulnerable to violence due to the lack of implementation of the 2016 peace accords.
The Demand: The Colombian government must commit to its promises to peace and uphold key aspects of the Peace Accord that were meant to protect historically marginalized communities.

Daily Actions:

Justice for social leaders

The Problem: In 2020, there were more than 60 massacres across Colombia. Paramilitary and illegal armed groups often target social leaders who are working to build peace, and attackers are rarely brought to justice.
The Demand: The Colombian government must use the provisions of the peace accords meant to help dismantle illegal armed groups and investigate not only those who carry out the attacks against social leaders, but those who give the order as well.

Daily Actions:

Honor their work

The Problem:
Social leaders in Colombia have been targeted and demonized for promoting peace and advocating on behalf of their communities.

The Demand:
It’s time for the Colombian and policymakers worldwide to honor and recognize the crucial role social leaders play in protecting peace, a role that the Colombian government is also responsible for and has repeatedly neglected.

Sample Tweets:

The U.S. supported the signing of the 2016 Peace Accords. But with over 500 social leaders killed since 2016, more must be done to protect peace in #Colombia. #ConLíderesHayPaz #WeekOfAction Click To Tweet Colombia’s fragile hold on peace is slipping. Social leaders are fighting for both their lives and their communities. We need to change the story. #ConLíderesHayPaz #WeekOfAction Click To Tweet

Daily Actions:

  • Join today’s virtual event.
  • Share screenshots or comments during the event and tag with #ConLideresHayPaz.
  • Tag your representative and ask them to support the work of social leaders in Colombia.


The Problem: The Colombian government has repeatedly ignored Indigenous social leaders’ calls for land rights and environmental justice.
The Demand: The Colombia government must uphold key provisions of the rural reform chapter of the 2016 Peace Accords, including prior consultation and land funds that support Indigenous communities disproportionately impacted by both climate change and the decades-long conflict.

Daily Actions:

  • Share the #ConLíderesHayPaz Earth Day video as it premieres on social media.
  • Prepare your artwork for social media sharing on Friday!

A Pathway to Peace

The Problem: Colombia’s fragile hold on peace is slipping. With little official support, social leaders are fighting for both their lives and their communities, and trying to heal the wounds of the past while restoring hope for the future.
The Demand: The Colombian government and international policymakers must commit to changing the story. By implementing provisions in the 2016 Peace Accords and supporting the work of current and emerging social leaders, peace is possible in Colombia

Daily Actions: